Friday, 5 December 2014

GS, AFS met Sh. V. Umashankar, Jt. Secy (Telecom) DoT and discussed regarding

Appointment of CMD BSNL and Director (HR) BSNL:
JST mentioned that interviews for the post of Director (EB) and Director (Finance) have been fixed on 04.12.14 and 08.12.14 respectively by PSEB.
The CMD post select panel of PSEB has been sent to the PMO for approval and as soon as the approval is received the CMD posting orders will be issued. It is understood that Shri Anupam Shrivastava, Director (CM) BSNL Board has been selected for CMD post by PSEB selection.
Similarly, the matter for Director (HR) selection process has been sent to PMO. As soon as the approval is received, the PSEB will be asked to conduct the interview for the post of Director (HR) BSNL immediately.

Govt. support to BSNL:
Jt. Secy (T) expressed the serious concern against continuous surrender of BSNL landline and mobile connections every month where as private operator market share is increasing day by day. He also mentioned that MTNL services are not at all satisfactory. Hon'ble MOC & IT is also fed up with the complaints and has desired to concentrate about BSNL's performance after this parliamentary session. He advised to improve the revenue of BSNL immediately so that 3rd PRC report after two years may be implemented. We explained the material shortage problem in field units etc.

3% Pay fixation in the old scale and further 3% pay fixation benefit in the promotion scale:
We requested for early clarification to BSNL, since the matter is pending with Director (PSU) for one and half year. Jt. Secy (T) assured to look in to the matter.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


147 SDE (T) Seniority Case in Hon'ble Supreme Court
On initiation of AIBSNLEA, an application has been filed in the Hon'ble Supreme Court for early hearing. The case is now expected to be heard on Today 03.12.2014.

TES Gr."B" Rule 206 Seniority case in Hon'ble Supreme Court
On the pervious date of hearing it was announced to be listed for further hearing on 26.11.2014 however, the concerned CAs/SLPs not listed for hearing in this week.

"Seniors drawing less pay w.r.t. his Juniors" in Hon'ble Supreme Court
The SLP (C) No. 7716/2013 [M. Sethumadhavan & Ors including AIBSNLEA] is to be heard in Hon'ble Supreme Court on 09.12.2014.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

GS, AGS (HQ) met GM (Estt.) and discussed regarding

Finalization of JTO (RR)-2014
We requested to get approval of the BSNL Board in getting approved the JTO (RR)-2014 as already cleared by BSNL M.C.  GM (Estt) informed that the JTO (RR)-2014 proposal has been included in the next BSNL Board Meeting to be held on 9th December, 2014.   He expected in case the matter is considered by the BSNL Board and approved the regularization of officiating JTOs and LICE from TTA to JTOs will take place immediately.
Restructuring of AD (OL) Cadre
We expressed our serious concern against the negative attitude in settling the restructuring the AD (OL) Cadre despite of the favorable committee report.  GM (Estt) mentioned that they  have given establishment cell view as earlier occasions but the Pers (Cell) may take decision on the basis of committee report as the many decisions are taken by Per(Cell) without the clearance of Estt (Cell) .  We requested to reconsider the matter since there is no financial implication involved.
Creation of PPS Posts in field units
We requested to support the issue of creation of PPS Posts in field units as implemented in BSNL Corporate Office up to Sr. PPS Level.  GM (Estt) mentioned that the matter is already under the consideration of a committee headed by ED (CN), Corporate Office, BSNL.  He further mentioned that the proposals of PPS / Sr. PPS posts creations in BSNL C.O.  were never processed through Estt (Cell) of BSNL Corporate Office.  These proposals were directly processed by Per(Cell) to the competent authority and got  created PPS / Sr. PPS posts in BSNL Corporate Office.  The similar action may be taken in this regard also.
Allowing Option to JAOs-2010 Batch
We requested to hold the committee meeting to discuss the matter of allowing options to JAOs-2010 Batch who joined after 07-05-2010.    GM (Estt) mentioned that GM (FP), convener committee will fix up the meeting date shortly.

GS met GM (FP) and discussed regarding

CPC from JAO to AO
 We requested to expedite CPC from JAO to AO,  GM(FP) mentioned that the CPC work is in progress, the seniority  list of JAOs has been prepared  by SEA(Cell) and will be uploaded on BSNL Corporate Office Intranet shortly for comments and finalization.  On the basis of new JAO Seniority List about 214 SC/ST JAOs upto 2010 batch are being considered for promotion.  He assured to issue AO promotion order in this month itself.   He further mentioned that as soon as this promotion order is issued another CPC will be initiated immediately to fill up the AO vacant posts as on 1st July, 2014.

CPC from CAO (adhoc) to CAO(Regular) Left out cases
GM (FP) mentioned that as soon as the VCRs are received immediately promotion orders will be issued.

GM (FP) mentioned that the proposal to reduce eligibility service from 7 years to 5 years from TTAs and other eligible non-executive cadres to JAOs LICE has been included in the next BSNL Board Meeting Agenda.

LDCE from JAOs to AO
GM (FP) mentioned that the proposal cleared by BSNL MC for introduction of LDCE from JAOs to AOs promotion has also been included in the BSNL Board Meeting Agenda to be held on 9th December, 2014.

Diversion of 25% MT Quota 335 CAO  Posts to Seniority Quota
 GM (FP) mentioned that he is trying to get included this item in the agenda of next BSNL Board Meeting   but after the approval of the  competent authority. It will be included.

Allowing Option to JAOs-2010 Batch
We requested to hold a committee meeting to discuss the matter of allowing options to JAOs-2010 Batch who joined after 07-05-2010.GM (FP) assured to fix up the committee meeting shortly.