Tuesday, 28 October 2014

GS met Addl. GM (Pers) and discussed regarding

(a) CPC from JTO to SDE: 
We requested to file MA for an early hearing in the court case at Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam Bench to get vacated the stay order on the JTO to SDE promotions. Addl. GM (Pers) mentioned that the case has already been listed on 17.11.2014 for hearing and the effort are being made to get vacated the stay order.
(b) CPC from DE to DGM (Adhoc) :
Addl. GM(Pers) mentioned that some ACRs/VCRs of eligible DEs for promotion are yet to be received. However, he informed that within this week the CPC will be conducted. The chairman CPC Shri Seth PGM BSNL CO has fixed the CPC in this week itself. He assured that as soon as the CPC work is completed the promotion order of DGMs will be issued to fill up 480 DGM Posts.
(c) Creation of PPS Posts in field units:
Addl. GM(Pers) mentioned that shortly the committee meeting headed by ED (CN) BSNL CO will be held to discuss the issue for further necessary action.
(d) Restructuring of AD (O/L) cadre:
Addl. GM(Pers) directed AGM (Pers) to process Shri Harsh Vardhan committee report to the competent authority for consideration. He assured an early action in this regard.
(e) LDCE from JTO (TF) to SDE(TF):
we expressed serious concern against non holding of the LDCE from JTO (TF) to SDE (TF). Addl. GM (Pers) mentioned that due to non finalization of syllabus of LDCE to SDE (TF) the LDCE could not be held. However, he assured to process the matter to the competent authority.
(f) Date of effect of implementation of upgraded pay scales w.e.f. 01.10.2000 on notional basis: 
We requested to give notional pay fixation w.e.f. 01.10.2000 to all upgraded pay scales of JTO/SDE (C/E/Arch/TF) Engg. Wings and PA/PS cadre at par with JAOs. Addl. GM(Pers) advised that the case can be processed either from PGM(C/E/Arch/TF) or ED (NB) to the competent authority for consideration.
(g) Holding of committee meeting on distance education:
Addl. GM (Pers) assured to hold the committee meeting in the next week itself to discuss the matter.
(h) Clearance of HR issues already approved by BSNL MC and approval from BSNL Board:
Addl. GM (Pers) discussed the matter with GM (Legal) for getting approval of the BSNL Board on the pending HR issues. GM(Legal) advised to discuss the matter with GM(Restructuring) on the basis of new HR plan as desired by Board of Director and immediately he discussed the matter with GM (Restructuring) and she advised to send the copy of the Board directions for compliance. Addl. GM (Pers) assured an early action in this regard.
(i) Consideration of Cancellation/modification of DEs Posting orders on promotion: 
Addl. GM (Pers) mentioned that some genuine medical ground cases recommended by CGMs have been considered and orders are issued. Regarding some lady executives and some pending medical ground cases he assured for an early consideration.

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