Wednesday, 29 October 2014

GS, AGS(Fin) , AGS(C/E/A/TF) and FS met the GM(FP) & discussed the following:

                                                             CPC from JAO to AO
We also expressed our concern in dilly dallying tactics adopted by certain portion of the management in delaying the process of JAO to AO promotion. He told that he has already submitted the file with certain notes to the  CLO and expects a consensus.
                                                            CPC from AO to CAO
We impressed upon him to call for ACR/VCR for promotion from AO to CAO for 230 posts which has been approved by competent authority since long. He informed that it will be done very shortly.
CPC from CAO (Adhoc) to CAO(Regular)
We impressed upon him to issue regular promotion order from  CAO(Ad hoc ) to CAO(Regular). He informed that the process has been completed and approval is to be taken from the CMD and orders will be issued soon.
We requested to consider cancellation of transfer in the grade of AOs
Viz Shri H.K Mahanta, AO, Keonjhar (Branch Secretary, Keonjhar) Odisha, Shri Lachhaman Nayak, AO, Balasore both from Odisha circle, Shri A D Kulkarni  CAO , FS in circle  office Bangalore KTK , shri Vikram Pillai AO KTK circle to QA/STR/STP/DNW cicles at Bangalore and Shri Armugam (CAO) Branch Secy Vellore from WTP to TN/AP circle etc.GM (FP) assured to look in to.
Allowing option to JAOs appointed after 07.05.2010
GM (FP) assured to fix up the committee meeting at the earliest to discuss the matter and early submission of the committee report.

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