Friday, 18 July 2014


GS, FS met GM (FP) and discussed regarding:
a) CPCs from CAO to CAO (Regular) and DGM (Adhoc) to DGM(Regular) promotions:
GM (FP) apprised that, still VCRs of some CAOs/DGMs are awaited from CVO office. He assured to discuss the matter with Addl. CVO.
b) CPC from JAO to AO:
GM (FP) informed that screening reports/VCRs from most of the circles have been received in SEA cell and the scrutiny work has been started. He also advised to pursue with DOT for an early reply on SC/ST roster implementation as per Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh judgment. We will pursue the matter in DOT for early reply. He assured to expedite CPC.
c) CPC from AO to CAO:
GM(FP) mentioned that, the diversion of 50% MT (336 CAOs) posts to the seniority quota cleared by BSNL MC will be placed in the next BSNL Board meeting which is scheduled to be held on 20th August 2014.He assured that, as soon as the board clearance is received CPC work will start.
d) Consideration of request transfer cases of AOs/CAOs/DGMs (Fin):
GM (FP) mentioned that, some cases have already been considered recently and remaining few cases may be discussed with ED (Fin) for consideration.

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