Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Our Voice - Echoed by CS - Hats Off!

Dear Comrades
Our Circle Secretary has written a letter to our GS on Retention and Cancellation of transfer orders issued in respect of Engineering and Accounts personnel respectively. Repeatedly   we are suffering. The shortage is becoming a head ache in some cadres like CAOs and DEs.
Total vacancies in CAO both adhoc and regular is 94.
Now the working strength is only 32.
The percentage of shortage is 66.66%.
It is too difficult to manage the show.
If four are transferred, the shortage will be increased to 70.21%.
As per Transfer policy,
the officials completing 18 years stay in a Circle may be transferred to other Circle.
Moreover the officers who crossed 56 years of age also may not be transferred under Long Stay.
These two guidelines are deviated in respect of these transfers.
In other Circles CAOs working for more than 10 years and 
about to finish 18 years remain untouched 
where as our members having completed less than 10 years are disturbed.
In the name of shortage in other Circles every time our people are suffering.
Even after our shortage percentage is raised to 66.66%,
our comrades are subjected to such transfers repeatedly.

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