Thursday, 5 June 2014


GS met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding viability of BSNL after taking over of new Govt.
CMD, BSNL mentioned that it will be very good for BSNL's viability in the new Govt. He mentioned that he met thrice with Hon'ble MOC & IT and has also given presentation. During discussions, Hon'ble MOC & IT mentioned that BSNL is a "Jewel in the Crown" and its survival is must. But, he told that BSNL should stand on its own foot by increasing its revenue, however, Govt. support will be there for the growth of BSNL. CMD further mentioned that despite continuous efforts the BSNL is not coming up to the expectation. He advised that all the employees should make some more effort to increase its revenue by 25% to turn around the company. We clarified that in all the forums/meetings our Association is requesting all the executives to concentrate more and more to increase the revenue of BSNL. CMD appreciated that after Phase-VII GSM equipment installation the quality of mobile service has improved and that has resulted in increase of revenue. We further mentioned that our Association is fully committed for the betterment of BSNL.

Non-settlement of long pending HR issues
We requested for early settlement of long pending HR issues already discussed in the formal meeting with Director (HR) on 27.03.2014 and minutes were released on 23.04.2014. We provided a copy of record of discussions of the meeting and requested for his kind intervention for early settlement of the issues. CMD appreciated our concern and assured to look into the matter for early settlement of the issues.

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