Friday, 6 June 2014

GS, FS, AGS (HQ), AGS (Fin.), Advisor (HQ) met ED (Finance)

They thanked ED (Fin) for releasing of 160 DGM (Fin.) promotions. They requested to consider some request transfers and modifications. ED (Fin.) assured to look into the matter.

They requested to get cleared the proposal of 25% MTs (CAOs) posts diversion to seniority quota from BSNL Board meeting to be held on 06.06.2014. ED (Fin.) assured to make full effort for the clearance of the proposal.

ED (Fin.) expressed serious concern towards viability of BSNL since the revenue flow is not increasing and the losses are still continuing. He mentioned that BSNL has to take Rs 6000.00Cr. Bank loan for OPEX which will create interest liability and finally it may affect the salary payment to employees. Now Govt. is also raising the issue of refund of Rs 7000.00 Cr. of BWA spectrum to BSNL that is Why BSNL accepted the BWA spectrum allocation initially? Hence the refund may also get delayed even after the approval of previous cabinet. 50% salary to 70000 BSNL employees as per EGoM recommendation were not accepted by predecessor Govt. itself. Hence, immediately BSNL may not get any financial support from Govt. BSNL has to stand up on its own foot to meet the future challenges.

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