Thursday, 19 June 2014


GS, CS TN Circle met GM (Estt.), BSNL CO and discussed regarding
Finalization of new JTO RR-2014
GM (Estt.) mentioned that new JTO RR-2014 which has been approved by BSNL MC could not be discussed in the last BSNL board meeting due to non attending of meeting by both the Govt. nominee Board of Directors. The next meeting is expected to be held in July -14 wherein this issue will be placed for Board approval.
Allowing option to JAOs joined after 07.05.2010
We pleaded that in the similar case of Assistant (CSS) cadre who also joined after07.05.2010 and were allowed to exercise the option on promotion. GM (Estt.) mentioned, if any, such case is these that can be discussed. We will provide the information in this regard shortly.
3% Pay fixation in the old scale and 3% in the promotion scale
GM (Estt.) mentioned that the issue has been referred to DoT for clarification and he has personally discussed the matter with Director (PSU), DoT for early clarification. However, he will further discuss the matter in DoT for an early clarification.
5-Advance increments benefit to JAO-2013 batch PAs and JTOs (SRD) etc.
 We further requested for 5-advance increment benefit to JTOs (SRD), JAO-2013 batch and PAs etc. GM (Estt.) mentioned that the proposal of 5-advance increment as we have been demanding has been sent to the BSNL MC for approval. He assured an early action in this regard.
Modification in soft tenure transfer policy
We requested for early comments/advice of Estt. Cell on modification in soft tenure transfer policy as processed by GM (Pers.) Cell. GM (Estt.) mentioned that he has seen the case and shortly comments of Estt. Cell will be given to personnel cell for further necessary action.

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