Friday, 6 June 2014


GS met Director (CM / Finance) Sh. Anupam Shrivastava and requested for clearance of 25% posts (CAO) diversion proposal to seniority quota in BSNL Board meeting being hold on 06.06.2014. Director (CM / Finance) assured to look in to the matter.

Director (CM/ Finance) also mentioned that BSNL has raised IT refund of Rs 6200.00 Cr. from Income Tax department but now IT Deptt.  has sent a letter demanding Rs 6000.00 Cr. Income tax pending against BSNL even the Tax has been shown against the spectrum charges and license fees paid to DoT from BSNL etc. BSNL has protested against such TAXes and now trying to take up the matter with Secy. Income TAX Deptt. through Secy(Telecom) for an early settlement.

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