Wednesday, 4 June 2014

78.2% for Pensioners

GS, AGS (Fin) and GS, AIRBSNLEWA Shri Kishan Singh met DDG (LF-II), DoT Shri S.K. Tiwari and discussed regarding 78.2% IDA Pay fixation of BSNL Pensioners. DDG (LF-II) mentioned that matter is under consideration in his office and draft has been prepared which will be sent to Member (Finance) tomorrow as since last two days she is on leave. He clarified that as per Member (Finance) view case is not required to be send to cabinet but as per his view it needs cabinet approval. We clarified that 15.02.1011 IDA pension revision order was issued for the BSNL pensioners who retired before 01.01.2007 wherein cabinet approval for pay fixation was taken on 68.8% at par BSNL's serving employees and now BSNL employees are given 78.2% IDA pay fixation w.e.f 01.01.2007, hence the pension should also be revised notionally as per 78.2% fitment benefit.  In case of BSNL pensioners retired during 01.01.2007 to 10.06.2013, pay fixation has to be done as the serving employees of BSNL got it. DDG (LF-II) was convinced that BSNL pensioners who retired during 01.01.2007 to 10.06.2013 needs only pay fixation on 78.2% at par with BSNL's serving employees but for BSNL pensioners retired before 01.01.2007, cabinet approval on pay fixation on 78.2% may be required. However, he assured that tomorrow, he will put up a consolidated note to Member (Finance) for approval. We requested to settle the issue at DoT level only since 78.2% IDA, DPE order has already cabinet approval. DDG (LF-II) assured an early decision on this issue.

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