Tuesday, 20 May 2014


GS, FS met GM (FP) and discussed regarding
(a) CPC from CAO to DGM (Finanace) on Adhoc basis: GM (FP) mentioned that the minutes of the CPC have been approved by the competent authority. The proposal of posting on promotion is under consideration, shortly the promotion orders will be issued to fill up about 140 DGM (Fin) posts.
(b) CPC from AO to CAO on Regular basis: GM (FP) further mentioned that proposal of diversion of 25% MT (336 CAO) posts has already been approved by BSNL Management Committee and now pending for the approval of BSNL Board. After the approval of BSNL Board for 25% MT posts diversion to seniority quota, the CAO regular promotion CPC will be initiated immediately.
Regarding CAO Adhoc CPC, GM (FP) mentioned that at present as per SEA cell information all the CAO posts of seniority quota are filled up and 54 additional posts of MT quota (CAO Posts) under relaxation are also filled up. However, the vacancy position of CAO posts due to retirement has been asked from circles and shortly will be compiled. In case vacancies are found in seniority quota the vacancies will be clubbed in 25% MT quota diverted posts and will be filled up on regular basis. No Adhoc CAO promotion will take place like DE Telecom operation stream.
(c) CPC from JAO to AO: GM (FP) mentioned that screening report of APAR and VCRs of 10 circles have been received in BSNL CO. As soon as the DGM (F) CPC is completed, the circles will be contacted for immediate sending of the APAR screening reports and VCRs to BSNL C .O.
(d) CPC from DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular) Finance: GM (FP) mentioned that as soon as the DGM (Fin) Adhoc CPC is completed the CPC to DGM (Regular) promotion will be expedited.

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