Tuesday, 6 May 2014


CPC from CAO to DGM (fin) Adhoc
GM (FP) confirmed that CPC work of CAO to DGM (fin) Adhoc has started today and will be completed within 2-3 days. About 175 CAO’s    ACRs/VCRs are being scrutinized by CPC members. He assured for promotion orders before 15 may 2014.

CPC from AO to CAO
GM(FP) mentioned that 25% MT posts (CAO Posts)  diversion to seniority quota cleared by BSNL Management Committee is expected  to be approved in the next  BSNL Board meeting which is scheduled to be held in June -2014

CPC from JAO to AO
GM (FP) mentioned that screening reports from 5-6 circles have been received in SEA cell but majority circles are yet to send the screening reports .He also mentioned that reminder to all the circles has been sent and as soon as the screening reports are received CPC work in BSNL CO will start.

Allowing option to JAOs Joined after 7-5-2010
 GM (FP) mentioned that one member of  committee is not convinced for changing the cut off dated of NEPP  07.05.2010 in view of implication in other cadres. However, he assured to discuss the matter with Higher Authorities.

Study leave for mandatory training
GS discussed regarding the allowing of one or Two weeks study leave for mandatory training as assured by Director (HR) in the formal meeting held on 27.03.2014. GM (SR) mentioned that matter is being examined and decision in this regard will be taken shortly.

Finalization of JTO LICE syllabus and objective type paper pattern
GM (SR), Chairman of Committee mentioned that matter is under Consideration and shortly the JTO LICE exam pattern will be finalized.

Medical ground and Office bearers transfer cases
GS, CS (UP-East) requested  to process some Office bearers and medical ground transfer cases of SDEs/DEs for cancellation, modification and retention. Addl. GM (Pers) mentioned that all the pending cases have been examined and shortly necessary action will be taken.

CPC  work of  DE to DGM (adhoc) and DGM(Regular)
Addl. GM (Pers) mentioned that CPC from DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular) is in progress but some circles i.e. AP Telecom Circle, NTR circle etc are yet to send the ACRs.  Regarding DE to DGM promotions one IA has been filed by BSNL in the Hon’ble Supreme Court to allow BSNL for issuing DGM promotion order. Some respondents have already filled IA in Hon’ble Supreme Court for allowing promotion to those DEs whose seniority is not disputed. The hearing is expected in this week itself. In case the status quo is cleared than CPC from DE to DGM Adhoc may take place to fill up about 480 DGM posts.

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