Friday, 23 May 2014


GS, FS met GM (FP) and extended thanks for issuing DGM (Finance) promotion orders and also requested for early issuing of left out cases promotion orders. GM (FP) mentioned that Addl. CVO has assured to provide left out VCRs of eligible CAOs by tomorrow (Friday) and by next week the promotion orders of left out CAOs to DGM (Fin.) Adhoc will be issued, since the CPC has been completed subject to the outcome of the vigilance clearance.

He also assured to expedite CPCs from DGM (Fin.) Adhoc to DGM (Fin.) Regular, CAO (Adhoc) to CAO (Regular) and JAO to AO. Regarding AO CPC, GM (FP) assured to speak personally with all those circles from where the screening reports are not received.

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