Thursday, 22 May 2014


GS met GM (Pers.) and discussed regarding sending of Management Committee note on modification in soft transfer policy, allowing E-6 IDA pay scale to DGMs promoted from Group "B" level by amending BSNL MSRRs-2009 and modification of BSNLMS RRs of EE (C/E) allowing diploma holders promotion to the post of EE (C/E). GM (Pers) mentioned that MC note on soft tenure transfer policy modification and allowing E-6 IDA pay scale to DGMs promoted from Group "B" level executives are being finalized. The MC note on modification in EE (C/E) RRs has been finalized.

GS, Adviser (HQ) met Shri V.K. Singh, CVO, BSNL and discussed regarding sending of VCRs to SEA Cell, BSNL CO of 32 CAOs to be promoted as DGM (F) Adhoc. We explained that 135 CAO to DGM (F) Adhoc promotions orders has been issued but about 32 eligible CAOs could not be promoted due to non-receipt of VCRs which are pending in CVO office. We explained that in 2-3 cases some vigilance complaints are pending in BSNL CO (CVO Office) wherein the informations have been asked from circles which may take some time but about 25 clear VCR cases should be send to SEA Cell. CVO directed Addl. CVO for immediately sending of the clear VCRs to SEA Cell. We also requested for early sending of VCRs of eligible CAOs/DGMs (F) for the regular promotion to CAO Adhoc to CAO Regular and DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular). CVO assured an early action.   

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