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After formation of AIBSNLEA, it successfully resolved
ü  Retrospective absorption in BSNLw.e.f.1.10.2000 as against the BSNL Management's proposal     for   prospective absorption.
ü  Payment of arrears of pay w.e.f.1.10.2000 after absorption in BSNL to those working in and drawing salary from other organizations like DoT, TEC, MTNL, Deptt. of Posts etc.
ü  Allowing the officers retired after 1.10.2000 to exercise option for absorption in BSNL.
ü  Vastly improved IDA pay scales for the BSNL executives over the initial offer.
ü  Protection of point to point pay  fixation formula.
ü  Time bound non post based promotion policy up to SG JAG level in BSNL.
ü  Payment of Rs 2000 w.e.f. 1.10.2000 to all the Group "B" officers desirous to get absorbed in BSNL.
ü  Implementation of the revised CDA pay scales for JAOs and AAOs w.e.f. 1.1.1996 and payment of arrears thereof.
ü  Approval of the Rs 11875/- IDA pay scale for the AAOs.
ü  Implementation of the IDA pay scales for the BSNL recruits/promotees.
ü  Restructuring of the stenographers cadres and upgradation of their pay scales.
ü  Completion of the absorption process in BSNL.

Further, AIBSNLEA efforts continued for the betterment of executives and BSNL 
Ø  All the upgraded IDA pay scales implemented in (Civil/Elect/Architect, Telecom Factory, CSS, Stenographers etc) w.e.f. 1.10.2000.
Ø  Approval of IDA scale 11875/- for the AAOs,
Ø  Implementation of executive promotion policy w.e.f.1.10.2000 and notified on 18.01.2007.
Ø  Grant of perks to executives w.e.f. 1.1.2005.
Ø  Mobile Telephone connection with STD facility and handset to all the executives.
Ø  Implementation of transparent transfer policy in BSNL.
Ø  Implementation of BSNL MSRRs - 2009.
Ø  Modifications in MTRR-2009 by allowing existing executives having B. Sc / B. Tech qualification   and increased age up to 50 years at first occasion.
Ø  Implementation of 2nd PRC recommendation with 30% IDA pay fixation with 1.1.2007.
Ø  Implementation of 78.2% IDA pay fixation w.e.f.1.1.2007 notionally and actual fixation w.e.f. 13.06.2013
Ø  Filling up of the vacant Group "B", STS, JAG, SAG, HAG level posts of all disciplines in a regular manner by holding CPCs.
Ø  Sanction of Man month plans
Ø  Creation of 6 DGM posts of CSS in BSNL C.O.
Ø  Regularization of Adhoc STS level executives.
Ø  Removal of pay anomaly of JTO-2005 Batch in revised IDA pay scales to bring at par with same batch JTOs in pre revised IDA pay scales etc.

The key issues being persuaded by AIBSNLEA are as under
v  CPSU cadre hierarchy in terms of non post based time bound functional promotions up to the level of SG JAG and post based promotion from SAG and above level posts.
v  Implementation of E-2,E-3 IDA pay scales to JTO/SDE equivalent executives.
v  Streamlining of EPF account of BSNL recruited employees.
v  30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees as per DPE guide lines.
v  Regularization of officiating JTOs and removal of FR-35 Pay fixation.
v  Creation of PPS posts in field units
v  Notional pay fixation to all upgraded IDA pay scales of JTO/SDE (C/E/Arch/TF) engineering wings and PAs/PSs
v  Modification in BSNL MSRR of EE (C/E) to provide parity with DE/CAO RRS.
v  Stepping of pay of senior's w.r.t. their juniors under EPP.
v  78.2% IDA pay fixation on benefit to BSNL pensioners retired after 13.6.2013 etc.
v  First up gradation after 4 years in all the cases under EPP.
v  Holding of 33% LDCE for promotion to SDE (Telecom).
v  Antedating of pay.
v  3% increment in Basic pay and 3% increment benefit in the higher scale on promotion under EPP
v  Allowing exercising option to departmental JAOs on their promotion who got promoted after 07.05.2010.
v  Early settlement of the long pending disciplinary cases.
v  Modification in Executive Transfer Policy for soft tenure stations.
v  E-6 IDA pay scale to DGMs promoted from Group "B" cadre.
v  Improvement in the revised Policy for GSM RSRTC and Broadband to Executives etc.


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