Tuesday, 29 April 2014

GS, AGS (F), AFS met Member (F) DoT Ms Annie Moraes and discussed regarding

Early clearance of Draft reply to DoE on 78.2% IDA pay fixation for BSNL pensioners:
Member (F) appreciated our concern and mentioned that draft reply is being examined whether the matter actually needs cabinet approval. However, she assured an early decision on this issue.

Member (F) expressed serious concern on BSNL viability
Continuous losses are being incurred by BSNL. She mentioned that BSNL pensioners should also contribute for increasing its brand products sell in the market.
She further mentioned that BSNL is not coming out from losses, and even NOFN project to create 100 Mbt network of cable in the country is not being speeded up by BSNL. So, far progress made in this project is not satisfactory. The NOFN network will ultimately be maintained and utilized by BSNL and will earn a lot of revenue. We pleaded that BSNL is incurring losses and without getting 16.5% expenditure cost and 10% service charge it is difficult to divert the existing mtce. staff to this project exclusively. Member (F) mentioned that 26.5% profit or expenditure cost will not be accepted by the Govt. BSNL should complete the project treating its own project on no profit & loss basis. Since this network will finally be utilized by BSNL to provide connectivity to panchayat HQs with the existing BSNLs cable network through which huge revenue will be earned. We further pleaded that DoT should pay 26.5% expenditure /supervision charges to BSNL to expedite the NOFN project.

 Pension Contribution on actual IDA basic pay:
 Member (F) assured to further take up the matter at the appropriate level.

Refund of BWA spectrum charges and waive off notional loan of Rs 7500 Crs from BSNL and its interest Member (F) mentioned that as per the BSNLs proposal the BWA spectrum charges to be refunded by DoT will be adjusted against the payment of Taxes, license fee and USO charges etc from BSNL. Regarding  waiving off Notional loan Rs 7500 Crs and its current interest amount Rs 1000 Crs have been waived off and the necessary order has already been issued.

Payment of Rural deficit charges to BSNL against the year 2012-13, 2013-14 as recommended by TRAI Member (F) mentioned that the proper demand note justifying BSNLs Telecom services in the rural areas have not been given by BSNL. She mentioned that BSNLs market share is only 10% which should be minimum25% being state owned company. She was non committal on rural deficit charges to BSNL.

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