Friday, 11 April 2014

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Jeyanthi - April 14

On 26th January 1950, India will be an independent country.
What would happen to her independence?
Will she maintain or will she lose it again?
This is the first thought that comes to my mind.
It is not that India was never an independent country.
The point is that she once lost the independence she had.
Will she lose it a second time?
It is this thought which makes me most anxious for the future.
What perturbs me greatly is the fact that not only India has once before lost her independence,
but she lost it by treachery of some of her own people...
Will history repeat itself?
It is this thought which fills me with anxiety.
This anxiety is deepened by the realization of the fact that
in addition to our old enemies in the form of castes &creeds,
we are going to have many political parties with diverse & opposing political creeds.
Will Indians place the country above their creed or creed above their country?
I do not know, but this much is certain that
if the parties place creed above country,
our independence will be put in jeopardy a second time & probably be lost forever.
This eventuality we all must resolutely guard against.
We must be determined to defend our independence
with the last drop of our blood!

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

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