Tuesday, 29 April 2014


GS, AGS (F), AFS met Sh. S.C. Misra Member (Services) DoT and discussed regarding
78.2% IDA pay fixation to BSNL Pensioners
We requested for sending of an early reply to DoE on 78.2% IDA pay fixation of BSNL pensioners, since the reply is pending with DoT for the last one month. Member (S) mentioned that draft reply is pending in the internal finance of DoT for clearance. However he expressed his concern against the Presidential Order issued by DoT for serving BSNL employees on 12.06.2013. He opined that P.O. needs amendment for arrears payment of pay on 78.2% fixation which can easily settle the issue and this exercise to prepare a proposal for modification should be done by BSNL and thereafter by DoT. However, he assured that as soon as the clearance from DoT internal finance is given the reply will be sent to DoE.

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