Thursday, 13 March 2014

AIBSNLEA meeting with BSNL Management in response to our letter dated 19.02.2014 on the pending items of the earlier meeting held on 24.02.2014

GS, AGS (HQ) and AGS (Fin) attended the meeting with BSNL Management in response to our letter dated 19.02.2014 on pending HR issues of the earlier meeting held on dated 24.02.2014. GM (SR), GM (Pers.) and DGM (SR) were present in the meeting. GM (Estt), was not present in the meeting due to leave. GM (SR) initiated the discussion on the pending items as under-

6.  CPCs to fill up the vacant PGM/GM/DGM (Engg.)/DGM(Fin), DE/CAO,SDE(T)/ AO equivalent posts in BSNL on adhoc/ Regular basis.

A good number of PGMs/GMs/DGMs/DEs/SDEs equivalent posts are lying vacant since long. It is adversely affecting the viability of BSNL and causing stagnation in the career prospects of executives. Hence, immediate CPCs to be conducted to fill up all vacant Group -‘A' and Group-‘B' level posts.

Reply: The status of CPCs from JAO to AO, AO to CAO , CAO to DGM (F- Adhoc) and DGM (F-Adhoc)  to  DGM (Regular-F) have already been discussed in the precious meeting. The status of CPC s in Telecom Engineering wing is as under:

a)  CPC from DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular): GM (Pers) mentioned that proposal to initiate CPC from DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular) who have completed more than 4 years regular service at STS level will be sent to the competent authority for approval shortly.

b)  CPC from SDE (T) to DE (T): GM (Pers.) mentioned that CPC to fill up vacant DEs posts could not be initiated due to the contempt case is pending in the Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh and SLP in the Hon'ble Supreme Court. The SLP in the Hon'ble Supreme court came for hearing today i.e. on 11.03.2014 but could not be heard and now posted for hearing on 24.03..2014, after the settlement of the contempt case against operation of TES Group-B seniority lists no.6&7 the further action on CPC will be taken.

c)  CPC from DE(T) to DGM (Adhoc): GM (Pers.) mentioned that CPC to fill up 480 DGM posts on Adhoc basis is in process but the promotion order will be issued only after the clearance from Hon'ble Supreme Court on 147 SDEs (T) LDCE quota seniority case. The case is listed for hearing on 24.03.2014 in the Hon'ble Supreme Court.

d) CPC from JTO(T) to SDE(T): GM (Pers.) mentioned that CPC process to fill up vacant SDEs (T) seniority quota posts is going on but the promotion order will be issued after the vacation of stay order on promotion from Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam Bench. The court has posted the case for further hearing the entire matter on 23.03.2014.

GM (Pers.) further informed that the CPC from DGM to GM in Telecom Wing was completed and promotion orders issued but he did not comment on the CPC from GM to PGM./CGM.

7. Inordinate Delay in holding the 33% LDCE for the promotion of SDE (T): Personnel Section of BSNL Corporate Office has already notified the vacancies for the year 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-2013 to Recruitment Section. BSNL has a large number of posts of SDE (T) lying vacant. So the LDCE to fill up these vacant posts is the need of hour. This forthcoming Limited Departmental Competitive Examination from JTO (T) to SDE (T) should be conducted with a single and common paper. We have submitted our views on this issue in our letter dated 22.01.2014.

Reply:  GM (Pers.) mentioned that a committee is proposed to be constituted under the chairmanship of GM (SR) to examine the proposal for reducing the existing papers in terms of single paper on Technical Matters and one paper of General Matters. As soon as the pattern of exam is finalized then the LDCE will be notified. GM (Pers.) confirmed receipt of our suggestions in this regard. They assured an early action.

8.  Restructuring, Revision of pay scale of AD (OL) and Hindi Translators.

The committee constituted under the Chairmanship of Addl. GM(CP&M) Shri Harshvardhan has not yet finalized the report to restructure the AD(OL) cadre even after a lapse of one and half year. We request for early restructuring of the AD(OL) cadre as per 6th CPC recommendations and to provide promotional avenues as available in DoT/ Govt.

Reply: GM (SR) mentioned that GM (Pers.) and he himself will discuss the matter with the Chairman, Committee Shri Harshvardhan, Addl. GM (CP&M) for early submission of the report. GM (Pers.) assured to provide required documents to the committee from the Pers. Cell at the earliest.

9. Regularization of officiating JTOs and removal of FR-35 pay fixation.

The Committee Constituted to amend the JTO RR-2001 has to submit its report. All the Unions/Associations have already given their views/suggestions in this regard. We request for early regularization of the officiating JTOS and removal of FR-35 Pay Fixation by giving pay fixation under FR-22-(1a)(i) to all the officiating JTOs as per the judgment of Hon'ble Apex Court.

Reply:  GM (SR) mentioned that the committee constituted for modification of JTO RR-2001 has completed the report and will submit it shortly to the BSNL Management Committee for clearance and thereafter to the BSNL Board for approval. After notification of the new JTO RR – 2014, the regularization of officiating JTOs will take place immediately. Regarding removal of FR-35 pay fixation, GM (SR) mentioned that the issue will be discussed in the presence of GM (Estt) in the next meeting going to be held shortly.  

10.  Grievances of PA/ Stenographers' cadre.

(a)  Post based promotions for PA/PS to PPS/Sr.PPS. 

With restructuring and declaring the cadre of stenographers as ‘dying cadre', the entry cadre is now Personal Assistants (Executive) with only one promotional avenue available as P.S., as against executives of other streams viz. JTO / JAO having promotional avenue upto the level of G.M. and above. In order to reach at least at the level of SG JAG (E-6) before retirement, we suggested the following post based promotion for the Personal Assistants:-

§  All the posts of Stenographers, Personal Assistants and Personal Secretaries may be pooled together and placed in the ratio of 40% (E-1) PA,  40%(E2) P.S. and 20 %(E3) PPS.

§  As per the recommendations of the H.K. Gupta Committee, all the HAG level officers may be provided with secretarial assistance at the level of E-4.

§  All Officers (PA/PS/PPS) who are in E-4 scale for a period of 5 years or have completed 23 years of service from the date of entry in the cadre may be promoted to E-5.

§  All officers who have been promoted to E-5 and have completed a minimum period of 3 years may be placed in E-6.

Reply: GM (Pers.) mentioned that the proposal for creation of PPS posts in the field units with HAG level officers as per the recommendations of the H.K. Gupta Committee was sent to the Estt Cell for clearance but the same was not agreed. We pleaded that already PPS / Sr. PPS posts have been created in BSNL CO, the similar action is required to be taken in field units to motivate the PA/PS cadre. GM (SR) requested to GM (Pers.) to further take up the matter with GM (Estt) in view of the present requirement of BSNL field units. GM (Pers) assured for sending the proposal again to Estt Cell, BSNL CO. 

(b)  Common Recruitment Rules & Nomenclature in BSNL.

Different Recruitment Rules for Stenographers, PAs and PSs have been issued by Corporate Office for field units and Corporate Office. This method does not exist in any of the PSUs and also does not exist for any other cadres in BSNL.  Common RRs for field units Stenographers, PAs & PSs and corporate office stenographers, P.As and PSs should be there.

Reply: GM (Pers.) mentioned that due to certain different recruitment conditions in basic cadre of Steno/PA in field units and BSNL CO separate RRs have been notified, hence review on these RRs seems to be not feasible at this juncture. However, association may further provide justification on this issue.  

(c)  Introduction of Promotion Policy for Stenos (Dying cadre).

There are about 251 Stenographers working throughout the country in the field units of BSNL.  Out of these 251, majority of the stenographers have completed more than 12 years and is placed in the pre-revised executive pay scale of 9850 & 11875 as the case may be at par with PA/PS.  The Stenographers who have been granted ACP in the executive pay scale ceased to be non-executives as per BSNL HQ order No. 1-22/2009-PAT (BSNL) dated 30.04.2009, yet the status attached to the pay scale has not been accorded to them.    Promotion policy for non-executives has also been notified now.  The only cadre which has been kept outside the purview of both the promotion policies is the Stenographers (dying cadre). Neither Executive Promotion Policy nor Non-Executive Promotion policy has been made applicable to this small group of Stenos drawing executive pay scale.  If no promotion policy is implemented, there is no scope of any Time Bound Promotion in future and have to retire from the present position when others may enjoy the benefits. This discrimination is against natural justice.

Reply: GM (SR) mentioned that the matter will be discussed in the presence of GM (Estt). He further mentioned that BSNL Board has taken decision to benefit such cadres recently that will be confirmed from GM (Estt) in the next meeting.
12  Allowing exercising options to Departmental JAOs on their promotion who got promoted on or after 07.05.2010.

Allow to execute option to the departmental JAOs appointed after 7.5.2010. As 7.5.2010 was the "cut of date" for implementation of 2nd  PRC for non - executives and the pay of non-executives has to be revised w.e.f. 7-5-2010. We requested to consider that as special case wherein the JAO exam result was declared in March 2010 but they were sent to training centers later on in different months due to shortage in Training centre and these JAOs  could join after 7.5.2010 only and they are not allowed to exercise option  on promotion to executive cadre.

Reply:  This issue will be discussed in the presence of GM Estt) in the next meeting.

13. Two weeks of training to executives whose pay is upgraded and on every promotion under EPP.

BSNL issued the letter no. 32-27/2004-Trg[Vol. VII] Dated: 18/02/2013 for relaxation in mandatory Training under Executive Promotion Policy for officers, who are of 55 years and above age on the date of their respective upgradation order, these officers will have the option of undergoing one week Refresher Course as a part of the mandatory training under EPP followed by appearing in online exam at the respective Training Centre. We further request to withdraw the Mandatory Training.

Reply:  GM (SR) did not agree to withdraw the mandatory training from EPP since it has the approval of DoT. However, he assured to examine the proposal for allowing one/two weeks study leave before the online exam.

14.  Inordinate delay in settlement of disciplinary cases.

We have been requesting BSNL Management for the settlement of long pending disciplinary cases. Many cases are pending more than 7-8 years and no decision is given, causing undue harassment to the executives on promotions and retirement. As per CVC guidelines all the disciplinary cases needs early settlement.

Reply: Matter will be discussed in the next meeting.

15. Modifications in Executives Transfer Policy for soft tenure stations.

We requested for an early action on amendment in transfer policy clause wherein the condition of serving 3 years in soft tenure station for one executive and further he has to serve some other SSA for next 3 years, thereafter, only his request may be  considered for posting to his choice of station. It is not justified and that is why these soft tenure stations vacancies in Telecom. Circles are not being filled up. Hence, immediate modification in Executive Transfer Policy for soft tenure stations is needed.

Reply: GM (Pers.) mentioned that views of the association has taken in to consideration and a proposal for amendment in the transfer policy clause wherein the condition of serving 3 years in soft tenure station for one executive and further he has to serve some other SSA for next 3 years, thereafter, only his request may be considered for posting to his choice of station is being sent to BSNL Management Committee shortly for consideration. After the amendment, the executive served soft tenure for three years will be considered for posting to his choice station in the circle in the interest of service. But, GM (Pers.) pleaded that there should be some change in transfer policy for the normal stations/circles.

16.  Recruitment of JTO (E)/ JTO (TF) from TTAs cadre through LDCE.

In order to augment the shortage of JTO (E), we proposed to conduct LICE for TTAs having Diploma / Degree qualification in Electrical / Mechanical Engg by making provision in the JTO (E) RR. Also it is a fact that the working strength of JTO (TF) is very less than the sanctioned strength and direct recruitment is not taking place. So we proposed to conduct LICE for TTAs having Diploma / Degree qualification in Electrical / Mechanical / Metallurgical Engg by making them eligible through modification in the JTO (TF) RRs.

Reply: Matter will be discussed in the next meeting in the presence of GM (Estt).

17.  Improvement in the revised policy for service GSM, RSTC & Broadband to Executives.

(a)  Enhancement of 200 free calls limit per month on RSTC, & enhancement of free call limit on GSM Telephone connection to STS level officer from 500 calls to 800 calls.

(b)  Executives working in BSNL Corporate office, New Delhi should be provided GSM service connection from the neighboring BSNL Circles falling under NCR.

(c)  Rent free Broadband service connection to all Executives with BSNL 750 plan.

(d)  All the BSNL executives should be provided GSM Handsets of the cost of Rs.3000/- Rs. 4000/- & Rs 5000/- to the JTO/SDE/DE level executives instead of Rs, 1500/- , Rs 2500/- Rs 3500/- respectively.

(e)  All Executives' should be allowed CUG facility on RSTC at circle level.

(f)   Allowing 3G Mobile service to all Executives.

Reply: GM (SR) spoke to GM (Admn) and discussed the above matters. He mentioned that these issues will be discussed in the next meeting tentatively decided to be held on 13th March 2014 in the presence of GM (Admn).

At last GM (SR) mentioned that the management is open to discuss the grievances of executives through negotiations rather than agitation approach. We appreciated the concern of GM (SR) and clarified that AIBSNLEA is always for negotiations only but agitation approach is taken under compelling circumstances when BSNL management is not responsive to the legitimate issues. We hope that the assurances given during the meetings will be honored in full for the settlement of the issues. GM (SR) mentioned that the next meeting will be tentatively held on 13th March 2014 at 11.00 AM to discuss the pending issues.

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