Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Dear Comrades!
A Dream comes true!
Yes, we have been dreaming about opening a new Branch in Electrical wing. Many comrades from Electrical wing speak with us then and there but the time did not ripe. Now the Dream Comes True. The main activists of Electrical wing having intellectual fervour and systamatic functional skill came forward and due to their efforts, Electrical Wing Branch is formed in Tamilnadu Circle.
The Special Meeting for forming the Branch was organised on 15-03-2014 at Ethiraj Saalai BSNL Office, Chennai. We wish to put under record about the efforts taken by Com.Leninram, Com.Devadoss, Com.Zaki, Com.Swaminathan,   Com.Sivasubramanian and Com.Sikamaninathan and all other comrades.
The hard working and the sincerity of AIBSNLEA under the Captainship of Com.Prahladraiji was well recognised by all the participants. Our Circle Office Bearers, Circle office Branch Secretary, Finance Secretary and all other members available in Circle Office and STR attended the Meeting and spoke on issues. Their presence enthused the Electrical wing Comrades. We put down below the message as given by the Electrical Branch through Com.Leninram and the List of Members and the Office Bearers of the newly formed Branch for information.
It is really worth mentioning that on the day itself they launched a website of their own for all purposes which will help strengthen the Branch in Electrical wing and AIBSNLEA In Tamilnadu. Hats off Comrades! Let us grow unitedly  and strengthen our Organisation to achieve our Demands.

Associations are established for a common purpose in an organized way. We , the small group of Electrical engineers in Tamilnadu and Chennai,  have felt the need for quite some time, for being a part of AIBSNLEA, which has taken it as a prime duty the cause of civil/ electrical/ accounts and allied cadres in BSNL,  besides that of Telecom executives. We feel that it is our prime duty to strengthen the organization which works for Executives in BSNL as a whole without discrimination.
Electrical branch of AIBSNLEA will strive to strengthen BSNL, with its members committed to work hard both on individual and collective basis at their levels,to bring      back BSNL to profitable path and at the same time take up issues of concern to the cadres with consistency for early resolution.
We derive direction and inspiration from the famous quote of Jack Welsh that “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”
 With this zeal we step in as a team.

Historical Day : March 15, 2014
New Electrical wing branch is formed on 15/3/2014 at Chennai. Com. V.K Paramasivam,CHQ advisor, Com.S.Sivakumar, Circle President, Com.N.Veerapandian, Circle Secretary, Com.R.Ravi, Finance Secretary of TN Circle have felicitated the function. The meeting was attended by Com. C.Sathyamurthy, Circle President, Chennai TD and Com.K.Vaithyanathan, Circle Secretary, Chennai TD. The leaders have spoken about the tireless efforts taken by the AIBSNLEA for the welfare of the electrical wing executives, particularly the General Secretary Com. PRAHLAD RAI.  

The Branch is formed with the following members.
1.Com. T.Devadas, SDE(E)
2.Com.A.M.Ashfaq Zaki,SDE(E)
3.Com.S.Francis Xavier,SE(E)
4.Com.K.Rathina Sabapathy,EE(E)
5.Com.K.Lenin Ram,SDE(E)
10.Com.M.Shanmugasunder, SDE(E)
12.Com.T.M.Haja Sahib,SDE(E)
13.Com.N.Veeraragavan, SDE(E)
14.Com. M.Saminathan,PS

Following are the Office bearers unanimously elected for the current period.
 1)ComM.Saminathan  PS, Branch President - 9486100077
 2) Com  P.Kumar, SDE(E), Vice President - 9486100689
 3) Com. R.Sivasubramanian SDE(E) Branch Secretary - 9444978788
 4) Com .T.Devadas, SDE(E) Asst. Secretary - 9486100150
 5) Com P.Sigamaninathan JTO(E), Finance Secretary - 9751808479
 6) Com. R.Ramaswamy, SDE(E) EC Member  - 9444928362
 7) Com  N.Muralidharan, SDE(E) EC Member - 9444979246

 Our website address is http://aibsnleaelectrical.com

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