Saturday, 21 December 2013


GS, Advisor (HQ) Sh. Satish Kumar and GS AIRBSNLEWA, Shri Kishan Singh met Member (Services) and Director (Estt.) DoT and discussed regarding implementation of 78.2% IDA pay fixation of BSNL pensioners. Member (S) mentioned that DoP&PW has asked the clarification from DoT whether the approval of Department of Expenditure (DOE) has been taken on this issue and the same has been replied by DoT on 09.12.2013 that no approval / clearance from DOE in this regard has been taken. Now the further reply/ clearance is awaited from DoP&PW. We also requested that on the basis of CMD, BSNL letter regarding actual payment/ arrears payment, DoT should revise the presidential directives. Member (S) mentioned that the same may be discussed with Addl. Secretary Telecom. (AST) & Jt. Secretary Telecom (JST). However, we will take up the, matter with AST/JST and CMD, BSNL.

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