Friday, 22 November 2013

GS, AGS(HQ) (Com. N.L. Sharma) met Director(CM) and discussed regarding poor GSM services in Western Telecom Region and its improvement.

Director (CM) mentioned that BSNL is facing problem  in the Western Zone due to M/s ITI as vendor to supply GSM equipment and its AMC. M/s ITI is not providing timely equipment as well as not extending maintenance support, even BSNL has to directly deal the main suppliers who are supplying equipment through  ITI to  BSNL and  their payments are not released in time by ITI even after the payments are cleared by BSNL. Regarding repair of Sumo Cards (BTS Stations), he informed that Circles have been allowed to get repair these faulty cards locally without depending on ITI. He further mentioned that Govt. should review its decisions to make mandatory on BSNL to have procurement of equipment in Western Zone compulsory from M/s ITI only for the last 10 years.

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