Wednesday, 23 October 2013


GS, President, OS(East) met Member(S), DoT Sh. S.C. Mishra and
had a detailed discussion about the revision of pension and its arrears for the executives/non executives of BSNL retired prior to 01.01.2007 and post 01.01.2007 to 09.06.2013.
Member(S) informed that he has cleared
the following proposal which is being sent
to DoP&PW /DPE/ DoE for approval
(a) For pre 2007 pensioners, the pension will be revised as on 01.01.2007 applying the 78.2% IDA fixation but the actual payment will be from 10.06.2013. The pension arrears between 01.01.2007 and 09.06.2013 will not be paid.

(b) For post 2007 pensioners, their pay will be notionally fixed as on 01.01.2007 like serving employees by applying 78.2% IDA fixation. Permission is being sought from DoP&PW for relaxation of Rule-33 & 34 of CCS Pension Rules-1962 so that pension can be calculated on notional pay. Their pension accordingly will be revised from their date of retirement but actual payment will be from 10.06.2013 only. However, other retrial benefits like leave encashment, DCRG, Commutation will be paid based on the revised pension.   

We protested against such deprivation to the pensioners and mentioned that withholding of pension arrears is against natural justice and decision by the Hon'ble APEX court. Such decision will unnecessarily drag the pensioners to court of law. Member(S) mentioned that he is aware such developments likely to take place in future but in view of the Presidential order dated 10.06.2013 nothing else can be proposed. 

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