Friday, 4 October 2013


GS, AGS(HQ), AGS(Fin.) attended meeting with the Members of the Committee on deciding terms & conditions for Membership Verification of Majority Executive Association and impressed upon for  consideration of the suggestion / views submitted by our Association vide letter no.  AIBSNLEA/CHQ/DGM(SR)/2013 Dated: 06th Sept,2013 in full.  
The Committee Members explained that the suggestion on secret Ballot paper and no encroachment in the internal functioning of the Association has been considered but the "Right to Negotiation" power to majority Executive Association is not acceptable to the Committee at par non-executive Unions. We categorically mentioned that in case the "Right to Negotiation" power is not given even after such a big verification exercise then it will be a futile exercise only. Committee members clarified that Management concern is to end multiple functioning of the Executive Associations. Hence, a single majority Executive Association will be granted formal meetings and recognition and one supporting Association having more than 15% members may be given some limited Union facilities.

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