Tuesday, 8 October 2013


One clarification order (For orders please go to 'orders' page) from circle office has been issued in connection with the fixation of officiating pay to JAOs 2010 batch. It has been instructed that the officiating pay is not to be protected on regular promotion. The order needs more clarifications / discussions on following points.
  • When the pay on regular promotion is to be fixed with 5 additional increments at Rs.19020, under which rules Rs.19020 is denied for officiating promotion to the same post with the same scale
  • The officiating orders were issued on passing the relevant qualifying examination. 
  • The order dated 7.4.2010 issued for officiating promotions itself reads as "officials who have been   declared as qualified". Hence they could not treated as not qualified or not fulfilled the eligibility conditions.
  • The said order is silent about the rule under which the pay is to be fixed. (The recent order dated 18.5.2013 for JAO officiating promotion in 2013 clearly states that the pay is to be fixed under rule 35)
  • Moreover, our association (CHQ and Circle) had taken up the case for declaring the minimum basic pay for JAO/JTO is to be Rs.19020 (with 5 additional increments).
As such the issue is to be discussed and clarified further.

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