Friday, 4 October 2013

GS, AGS(HQ) met Sr. GM(Pers.) and discussed

(a) CPC from SDE(T) to DE Adhoc (left out) cases:
We requested to issue promotion order of left out cases of 1860 DE CPC. Sr. GM(Pers.) mentioned that left out cases of SDE(T) to DE Adhoc CPC is in progress and after the clearance of CLO, promotion to 52 DEs posts will be issued day after tomorrow (Thursday).

(b) CPC from DE(Adhoc) to DE(Regular):
We requested to expedite CPC from DE(Adhoc) to DE(Regular) to fill up the vacant DE posts against the vacancies of 2010-11 and 2011-12.  Sr. GM(Pers.) mentioned that CPC work to fill up about 500 DEs posts on regular basis of the year 2010-11 has been completed and the same is pending with CLO for clearance.  He assured for early issuance of DE Regular promotion order and to issue further promotion order against 2011-12 DEs vacancies shortly.

(c) Filling up of all vacant DEs posts on regular basis:
We requested for early filling up of all vacant DEs posts on regular basis. Sr. GM(Pers.) informed that Management Committee of BSNL Board has decided to fix up 1325 DEs posts (25% of DEs sanctioned posts of 5300) for MT quota and remaining about 3975 DEs posts will be filled up on regular basis. The MC decision will be sent to BSNL Board for approval and hereafter SDE(T) to DE promotion will be done on regular basis only. No adhoc promotion in DE cadre will take place.

(d) Modification in posting order of DEs:
We extended our sincere thanks for retention of 12 lady executives on DE promotion in Chennai Telephones on genuine grounds. Also requested for modification of posting orders to nearby Circles from deficit Circles. Sr. GM(Pers.) further mentioned that posting orders on promotion were issued on the basis of shortages in Circles.

(e) CPC from JTO(TF) to SDE(TF): 
We requested to expedite CPC from JTO(TF) to SDE(TF). Sr. GM(Pers.) mentioned that CPC work to fill up 27 SDE(TF) posts is in progress and shortly promotion order will be issued.

(f) Pay fixation under EPP case of Stenographers already got 2nd ACP benefit:
We requested to provide pay fixation benefit under EPP to stenographers who get 2nd ACP benefit and working as non-executives. Sr. GM(Pers.) mentioned that MC of BSNL Board has approved the proposal to provide them two increments benefit in their existing pay scale.

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