Friday, 4 October 2013

GS, AGS(HQ) met Director(HR), BSNL Board and discussed

(a) CPC from DE(Adhoc) to DE(Regular) and left out promotion of DE Adhoc):  
We requested for early issuance of DE adhoc promotion order of left out cases as well  as DE Regular promotion order since the CPCs are over. Director(HR) assured an early action in this regard.

(b) Fixing of 1325 DEs posts for MT quota:
We extended our sincere thanks for fixing the 1325 DEs posts of MT quota instead of 2650 DEs of MT quota. Director(HR) appreciated our concern and mentioned that the MC of BSNL Board  finally decided to fix up 25% (1325) of DEs posts (of 5300 DEs posts) and 3975 DEs posts for departmental quota on seniority basis. However, the initial proposal was to fix up 1000 MT posts but MC agreed to fix up 25% quota for MTs of total DEs sanctioned posts . He assured to put up the MC proposal to the next BSNL Board Meeting for its approval. It will end the adhoc promotion in DE cadre. Similar action we requested for other disciplines also. Director(HR) assured to look into the matter.

(c) Membership verification of Majority Executive Association:
We requested to provide "Right to Negotiation" power to Majority Executive Association. Director(HR)  assured to look into the matter.

(d) Regularization of offg. JTOs:
We requested to take immediate steps for regularization of offg. JTOs as one time measure by personal upgradation. Director(HR) assured to discuss the matter with GM(Estt.) for an early solution:

 (e) Creation of PPS posts in field Units:
We requested for creation of PPS posts in BSNL field units with all HAG level officers as per Sh. H.K Gupta Ex- DDG(Estt.) DoT Committee recommendations. We also appraised him that the proposal moved by Pers. Cell is  pending in Estt. Section for clearance. Director(HR) assured to look into the matter.

(f) Restructuring of AD(O/L) Cadre:
We requested for his kind intervention wherein the Committee on restructuring of AD(O/L) Cadre is pending for the last one year. Director(HR) assured to look into the matter.

(g) Filling up of EE(C/E) vacant posts:
We requested to initiate CPCs to fill up tha vacant EEs(C/E) posts. About 100 EE(C) and 50 EE(E) posts are lying vacant. Director(HR) assured to look into the matter.

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