Monday, 21 October 2013


GS, AGS(HQ) met GM(Estt.), BSNL CO and discussed

(a) Restructuring of AD(OL) cadre:   We requested for early submission of the Committee report on AD(OL) cadre restructuring as the issue is badly delayed. GM(Estt.) mentioned that there is no official appointment of AGM(Estt.) on this issue therefore question does not arise the remark of AGM(Estt.) on this issue. However, he mentioned that he has taken the issue with GM(Pers.) and shortly the Committee report will be submitted.

(b)  Regularisation of Offg. JTOs: We requested for taking an early action regarding regularization of Offg. JTOs. GM(Estt.) mentioned that the legal opinion from BSNL’s Sr. Advocate Sh. R.D. Aggarawala & Legal Cell of BSNL C.O. are awaited on creation of super- numeric posts. However, he assured an early action.

(c) Creation of PPS posts in BSNL's field units: GM(Estt.) mentioned that the file of Pers. Cell on the said issue is not traceable in Estt. Section. However, he assured that on receipt of the file comments of the Estt. Section will be given without delay.

(d) 20% HRA to A&N Circle and NE-II Circle Dimapur etc.: GM(Estt.) informed that the matter has been sent to DoT for the endorsement/clarification of DPE order in BSNL at par other PSUs and assured that on receipt of clarification from DoT immediately action will be taken accordingly.

(e) Fixation of pay on promotion for Executive employees with 3% in the previous pay and then 3% on promotion: We requested for fixation of pay on promotion for executive employees with 3% in the previous pay and then 3% on promotion as per DPE orders. GM(Estt) mentioned that as per DPE guidelines the matter has already been referred to DoT for clarification/endorsement and assured that on receipt of clarification from DoT immediately action will be taken accordingly.

(f) Allowing option to JAOs who joined after 7.5.2010: We requested to issue order to allow to exercise option to departmental JAOs, who joined after notification of NEPP on 07.05.2010. GM(Estt.) mentioned that GM(FP) proposal to constitute a Committee to examine the case further has not been received in this office. However, he assured that after formation  of Committee, case will be re-examined.

(g) Fixing of seniority of Offg. JTOs after LICE: we requested to clarify the fixing of seniority of Offg. JTOs after LICE. GM(Estt.) mentioned that their seniority will be fixed against the year of vacancy against which they were eligible similarly as in the case it happening to JTOs to SDE promotions.

(h) Superannuation benefits to directly recruited employees as per DPE guidelines:  GM(Estt.) assured that Committee is going to submit its minutes in the next week positively. He also assured that now committee is recommending better superannuation benefits to directly recruited employees as per DPE guidelines.


GS met Member(Services), DoT and requested for implementation of 78.2% IDA fitment benefit to BSNL Pensioners,  who retired Pre 01.01.2007 and Post retired 01.01.2007. Member(Services) mentioned that now the case after the comments of Member(Fin.), AST & JST has came to his office & now finally he has drafted the comments i.e.

(a) Pre 01.01.2007 retired BSNL Pensioners:  Their pension will be consolidated pension w.r.t. 78.2% IDA fitment benefit, 30% IDA pay fixation on 01.01.2007 & accordingly their commutation DCRG benefits will also revised.

(b) Post 01.01.2007 retired BSNL Pensioners: Draft contained that  BSNL Pensioners retired after 01.01.2007 & before 10.06.2013, pension will be notionally fixed up on the day of his retirement and this proposal is being sent to Deptt. of Expenditure, DOP&PW & DPE for clearance because at present no rule permits pension revision on notional pay fixation. The commutation DCRG & other pensioner's benefits will be consolidated w.e.f. 01.01.2007 itself. The actual payment on 78.2% IDA fitment benefit will be paid after 10.06.2013 only. No arrears will be paid to BSNL pensioners before 10.06.2013 since the BSNL serving employees will also not get arrears as per DoT order. We emphasized that revised pension arrears to BSNL pensioners can't be denied as per Govt. rules & Hon'ble Supreme Court judgments. Member (Services) appreciated our concern & agreed that legal cases can't be avoided.

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