Tuesday, 27 August 2013


GS, AGS(Fin.), CS KTK, Circle President Gujarat Circle met GM(FP) and discussed
(a) CPC from AO to CAO Regular: We requested to expedite CPC from AO to CAO regular. GM(FP) mentioned that most of the VCRs have been received and few (20) VCRs are awaited from CVO. However, he assured that next  week CPC will be completed to fill up 272 CAO posts on regular basis.

(b) CPC from JAO to AO: GM(FP) mentioned that revised legal opinion from Haryana Circle BSNL's advocate has been taken which is now being vetted from BSNL's Sr. Advocate wherein the advice has given to expedite CPC. Simultaneous, the vacancies position of AO Cadre is being assured. He expected that about 1000 AOs posts may be filled up which will cover all eligible JAOs for promotion.

(c) Regularization of Adhoc DGMs: We requested to initiate action for regularization of adhoc DGMs(Fin.). GM(FP) assured to look into the matter.

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