Tuesday, 27 August 2013


GS, AGS(HQ), Com. H.Y. Andeli, Circle Secretary, KTK Circle
met CMD, BSNL and discussed following issues
(a)  Modifications of SDEs  posting on promotion to DE(Adhoc) order: We requested CMD, BSNL to consider  modifications of  transfer order of SDEs/DEs posted on promotion to outside KTK, TN, STR and CHTD Circles to MH, AP & Kerala  Circles or nearby Circles  as there are enough posts of DEs  are lying vacant and also to increase date of joining to 15 more days beyond 40 days. CMD mentioned that Posting outside these circles were done under some policy decision and advised us to further discuss the matter with Director(HR) & Sr. GM(Pers.)

(b)  CPC from SDE to DE Adhoc/Regular:  We appreciated the concern of  CMD, BSNL for stopping the adhoc promotion in STS Cadre and fixing 1000 DEs posts for MT Quota and  remaining about 4200 DEs posts for seniority-cum-fitness quota for regular promotion. It will be done after amending the BSNL MSRRs. CMD assured that action in this regard is being taken shortly. He categorically mentioned that he want promotions on regular basis.

(c)  Regularization of all qualified officiating JTOs: We requested CMD, BSNL for immediate creation of 1500 supernumerary posts in continuation of the 3500 JTOs posts previously created, so that remaining 1500 Offg. JTOs are regularized. CMD assured to look into the matter.

(d)  DE to DGM  promotion: We requested to fill up vacant DGM posts. CMD mentioned that shortly all the DGM posts will be filled up by eligible DEs since the required ITS officers are not available  for TDMs posts. Now most of the TDMs posts will be headed by promotee officers only and they have to own the responsibility. We assured him our fullest support in this regard.

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