Monday, 5 August 2013


Congratulations to all Officiating JTOs
and the Departmental JAOs/JTOs
who are under training/to be sent for training in future.
Today we met our GM(Estt.)
with our CHQ President, Com.Venugopal.
Com.N.Veerapandian, CS, Tamilnadu,
Com.VKP, Advisor,
Com.Mangalananthan, CS, Kerala,
Com.M.Shyam Kumar, President, Kerala,
Com.Baby Rani, VP, CHQ .
After patient hearing, the GM(Estt.)  agreed
to help the officiating JTOs in Regularisation.
They will be regularised after observing usual formalities.
The uncertainty over their future is today coming to an end.
The AIBSNLEA proudly announces
the vital role it played
in protecting 6000 TTAs
who are officiating for more than 6 to 8 years.
In respect of Departmental JAOs/JTOs
who are under training
or to be sent for training in future
will be assured of the pay fixation of Rs.19020/ (E1+ five increments).
We are really thankful to our GM(Estt.).

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