Tuesday, 2 July 2013


01-07-2013: Dear Comrades! We, the CS, CP and Com.M.C.Ravi, ACS  met our CGM and thanked for the total improvement brought out last financial year in our Circle. The Revenue is increased considerably. The expenditures are reduced. We again assured him to be with the Administration in all efforts taken to improve the service in all planes. Now the No.of BTS faults occurred more in some SSAs are reduced considerably. It is the indication and proof for the stand we have taken on BSS team functions. Our Comrades will be in the forefront in those SSAs to restore the efficiency. We ever win the battle as our path is straight-forwarded and the stand we took is always balanced and reasonable. This is the tradition of our AIBSNLEA. We are always ahead. We do not believe in mere roaring and kneeling down before the rulers in closed walls. Our genuine and balanced position in all Demands and the decent and straight-forwarded approach earn respect among the Administration in all levels. We have not missed to point out the mistakes and lapses whenever and wherever we found. Let us keep this approach and uphold the AIBSNLEA Banner so high that we prove that we are second to none in running the mass organisation effectively.
Meeting with PCE(Civil): We met the PCE(Civil) with Com.Murali, BS, Civil Wing and Com.Nedumaran, the CEC Member. We had a lengthy discussion. The PCE(Civil) patiently heared our grievances and sorted out all the issues we brought before him. His approach and concern over BSNL and the Service are well known. We really express our sincere thanks to him for settling the cases. We expect that the same approach will be adhered to by all the lower hierarchy in future uniformly. We pointed out to him where it was missing. Let us hope for better.
01-07-2013: Dear Comrades! We, the CS, CP, FS and Com.M.C.Ravi, ACS met GM(A) and DGM(A) on 26-06-2013 and 27-06-2013 and discussed about the filling of DE vacancies through looking-on arrangement for some SSAs whwere acute shortage is there. Since it is only looking-on arrangement and not involved any monetary benefits, no court case will come in the way of operating other seniority lists. To the SSAs from where the Head of SSA wrote a letter on filling these vacancies to avoid acute shortage, the Circle Administration took initriatives. Our request was considered and accepted according to which order is issued to DPI SSA. We identified other SSAs like KKD, CDL, TNJ where shortage is there. Orders will be issued to these SSAs shortly.
Our Corportae Office appealed to donate one day wage(Only Basic Pay) from all the employees towards the Uttarkant Relief Fund. The appeal letter is issued. We all now have a chance to help and share the burden of our Nation at the time of crisis. Let us donate.
Clarification on giving one increment  due to bunching effect is issued by the DOT.

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