Thursday, 4 July 2013

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Rs. 1,500 crore to BSNL from USO Fund
The amount of Rs. 1,500 crore allotted from the USO Fund in lieu of the withdrawn ADC to be paid to BSNL for the year 2012-13 has now been approved and Gazette Notification issued for the same on 17th June 2013. The amount will be shortly paid to BSNL.
Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations has taken up the matter with the Secretary, DOT, Addl. Secretary, Member (Services), Member (Finance) and also USO Fund Administrator during the last few months for getting early orders to release the same. The release was delayed due to the Finance Dept. keeping the amount with it due to the presentation of the budget etc. Now we are happy that the amount has been released. BSNL should effectively utilise the fund.

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