Monday, 8 July 2013


Com.Venkatesan is a JTO of KKD SSA.
He was transferred to Keelakarai from Ramnad even after he requested that he was ready to look after Keelakkarai from Ramnad. But he was sent. He is having technically the capacity of managing the exchange from being in Head Quarters. But request was turned down.
Today within six months, he took the task of converting the Keelakkarai Exchange as one of the RSUs to Main Ramnad.
With available resources and without any huge expenditures, he did the job successfully. Now the administration recognised his committment and involvement.
By conversion, he saved about Rs.10 lakhs to be spent annually
for power consumption and maintenance.
This work was pending for long years. 
Com.Venkatesan who was considered an unwanted is appreciated today.
Like him many talented are spread over Tamilnadu without getting identified. We have to identify them and help fit in proper place at least for the welfare of the BSNL. 
We have to pay attention and convince the SSA administration
 to post JTO/SDE to the needy remote places.
Our hearty congratulations to Com.Venkatesan, JTO and all other comrades who stood behind him in achieving the target.

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