Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Dear Comrades!
We really feel happy to inform you
that the Chandigarh Court Case on Officiating JTOs is completed.
The Hon'ble Court with some conditions
which will be looked after by the Corporate management,
delivered the verdict
in favour of officiating JTOs.
But still we have to go to some extent
to convince the administration to start the work without delay.
Our GS and the CHQ took much more initiatives
to settle the case which posed as a threat to 6000 TTAs
who passed JTO Examination and officiating
(a considerable section was regularised and rest are officiating for more than 8 years) as JTOs.
Their future was a gloomy one.
Now the clouds disappeared.
A light of hope appears in the horizon.
We will definitely save the future of these ignored section of TTAs.
Everybody knows the pain and the efforts of our GS
focussing the case before administration.
passed a serious resolution on regularisation
in all our CEC meetings and
put forth in the CWC meetings conducted in the past.
we call upon all those TTAs
suffering for a long time and
those who are tortured mentally
due to the uncertainty prevailing over their future
to think over the past
and the all out efforts taken by our Association
and our GS in particular.
He went to the extent of requesting
for the Inquiry over the inaction
on the part of some elements
blocking the way of settlement of this case.
We appeal all TTAs
to come to us to extend the support
so that we will finish the mission perfectly.

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