Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Brief of contempt case on ITS issue in Hon'ble High Court of Delhi:
The said case was listed for hearing on dated 25.07.2013 as Item No. 3 in Court No. 7 before Hon'ble Justice S.K. Misra at the High Court of Delhi at New Delhi. Mr. Rajshekhar Rao appeared on behalf of the Petitioners. Mr. Sikri appeared on behalf of BSNL and Mr. Vaibhav Kalra appeared on behalf of DOT.
There was some defect as regards the memo of parties which will have to be rectified at our end in as much as certain Respondents mentioned in the memo of parties in the Court File did not appear to have any mention in the Prayer and relief clause. In view of the same, the Ld. Judge was pleased to grant 2 weeks time to the Petitioners to file the amended Memo of Parties. The counsel appearing on behalf of Respondent No. 3, 4 & 6 sought time to file a Reply and the Ld. Judge directed the Respondents to file a separate Affidavit for each Respondent. Further, Mr Rao made brief submissions which led to filing of the instant Contempt Petition particularly the breach of the Hon'ble High Court's Orders on three occasions. However on the issue whether the personal presence of the Respondents would be required in Court, the Ld. Judge was of the view that the same should be decided on the basis of the Reply filed and to be determined at a later stage.
Therefore in view of the above, the matter now stands adjourned to 09.12.2013 for further proceedings.

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