Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Should Telecom PSU’s be closed down?
The title of this article might have caught attention of lot of eyes and most of them might not be happy to see it. They must be wondering who is this person and what is he saying but if it’s not me today then in coming years this question will be asked by some other if things keep on going the same way as today.
Telecom Sector today is not having good time so one can think that because of this reason the PSU’s are not performing well but industry watchers know this is not the real cause. Even during 2005-2010, the Golden period of Indian Telecom, their performances were going down on a negative scale.
One may ask that instead of asking such question why you are not pointing towards revival. Again industry knows how many committees have been formed but action points have not been implemented as suggested by them.
The point is that it might not be easy for the Government to do so as lot of conditions will be evoked but then is it that the Government should continue to take the burden of these organisations. Recently it was in news that Telecom Department has asked government for thousands of crores to support these companies. So the point is that how long do you plan to take this burden.

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