Wednesday, 3 April 2013


GS, President, AGS(HQ) met Chairman TC & Secy(T) Sh. M.F. Farooqui and greeted him on assuming the High Office of Chairman TC & Secy(T) on 01.04.2013. We assured him our fullest co-operation.
Also we requested for early issuance of presidential directive on 78.2% IDA pay fixation of BSNL employees as approved & sent by BSNL Board long before. We submitted a brief latter on this issue which he marked to Member (Finance). He assured to look into the matter.

GS, President, AGS(HQ) visited Member(Fin.), DoT Office and perused for early clearance of 78.2% IDA Pay fixation case which is to be sent to Secy(T) and Hon'ble MOC&IT for the approval and to issue presidential directives.

GS, President, AGS(F),  Auditor(CHQ) met CMD BSNL and  requested him to attend our CWC Meet OPEN SESSION at Guwahati on 5th April'2013. CMD mentioned that he was interested to attend the meeting and accordingly he programmed also but due to some other unavoidable work he will be away from HQ from 4th to 7th April'2013. However, he assured to attend our 4th All India Conference in Maharashtra Circle.
We also requested for getting issued presidential directives on 78.2% IDA pay fixation from DoT. He assured to look into the matter.

GS, President, AGS(F),  Auditor(CHQ) met Director(EB/HR), BSNL Board and confirmed his programme to attend CWC Meet at Guwahati and discussed:-
(a)  Withdrawal of officiating arrangement of offg. JTOs in Kerala Telecom Circle: We expressed our serious concern against withdrawal of local offg. arrangements of offg. JTOs in Kerala Telecom Circle. Director (EB/HR) asked Sr. GM(Pers.) to speak with CGMT Kerala Telecom Circle not to withdraw local offg. arrangement of offg. JTOs. He clarified that the Pers. Cell order is limited to SDE and above levels officiating arrangements. Accordingly Sr. GM (Pers.) spoke to CGMT Kerala Circle not to withdraw local offg. arrangement of offg. JTOs.
(b) CPCto fill up DGMs, DEs and SDEs vacant posts: Director (EB/HR) in the presence of Sr. GM(Pers.) assured that as soon as Hon'ble High Court Kerala judgment is delivered DE to DGM and DE regular CPCs will be completed. CPC from JTO to SDE will now be expedited since Chennai court case is dismissed today. SDE to DE CPC is in progress to fill up 760 DEs posts but promotions will be issued after vacating the stay order by Hon'ble CAT Chennai.
(c)  Consideration of Pending request/tenure transfers cases of DEs/SDEs: We requested that SDEs/DEs who have completed more than two years service in Dec'2012, their request for transfer should be considered at the earliest. Sr. GM(Pers.) assured to examine the pending cases particularly of TN, KTK, STR, STP to AP, KRL, MH and Gujarat Telecom Circle and other tenure Circles.
(d) Clarification on look after arrangements: We extended thanks to Sr. GM (Pers.) for issuing clarification after our discussions on look after arrangements. However, still some issues needs clarification.
(e)  Consideration of request transfer of executives who were already transferred on the basis of ODI list/agreed list: We requested for early implementation of DoT order dated 21.02.2013 on ODI/agreed list transfer. Director (EB/HR) assured to look into the matter.

GS, President, AGS(F), Auditor(CHQ) met ED(CN) Sh. Rakesh Kapoor to confirm his visit to Guwahati. ED(CN) confirmed his programmed to attend our CWC Meet at Guwahati on 5th April'2013.

GS, President, AGS(F), Auditor(CHQ) met GM(SR) and discussed:
 We requested GM(SR) for the early settlement of pending HR issues i.e. withdraw of online examination under EPP, restructuring of AD(O/L), Creation of PPS posts, Allowing diploma holders SDEs(C/E/Arch) to get EE promotion, holding of CPCs to fill up vacant DGMs, DEs, SDEs equivalent posts, streamlining of EPF contributions. GM(SR) assured to discuss the issues with the concern officers for early settlement.

GS met PGM(BW) and requested to fill up vacant SDEs(C), EE(C), SE(C) and CE(C) vacant posts.
PGM (BW) mentioned that the seniority list of JTOs(C) has been finalized and the ACRs of eligible JTOs(C) has been called to hold CPC. Accordingly CPCs to fill up EE, SE and CE are to be initiated but SE to CE some court case is pending & stay order is there. However, efforts are being made for holding of CPCs.
Allowing diploma holder SDEs(C) to EE promotion: PGMBW) mentioned that matter is under consideration of RRs amendments and shortly decision will be taken in this regard.

GS, President, Auditor(CHQ) met GM(FP) and discussed
(a) CPC from CAO to DGM (F): GM(FP) mentioned that today also he has spoken to CVO for giving VCRs of eligible CAOs and he has assured to provide VCRs within one or two days. However, he assured for early promotion order.
(b) CPC from CAO (Adhoc) to CAO regular: GM (FP) mentioned that after completion of DGM (F) CPC, the CPC of regular CAO will be completed.
(c) Consideration of request/tenure transfers of CAOs/AOs: GM (FP) mentioned that during this month, all pending request/tenure transfer cases of CAOs/AOs will be considered.
(d) Confirmation of postal JAOs: GM (FP) mentioned that matter is under consideration for early settlement.

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