Tuesday, 23 April 2013


GS, AGS (HQ), AGS (Fin.) met GM (FP) and discussed:
(a)  CPC from CAO to DGM (Fin.): We requested to expedite CPC from CAO to DGM (Fin.). GM (FP) mentioned that CPC from CAO to DGM (Fin.) is in progress, most of the ACRs have been accessed and CPC will be completed in the next week since some members of CPC are on leave in this week. He also assured that remaining 28 - CAOs CPC to DGM (Fin.) promotion will also be initiated immediately.
(b)  CPC from AO to CAO Regular: GM (FP) assured that as soon as the promotion order from CAO to DGM (F) is issued, the CPC from AO to CAO Regular will also be completed.
(c) Request/tenure transfer of AOs: We extended thanks for the consideration of request transfers of CAOs and also requested for consideration of request / tenure transfer cases of AOs. GM (FP) assured to consider all the pending request / tenure transfer cases of AOs shortly.


Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Department of Personnel & Training) issued instructions vide letter no. F.No.22034/4/2012 -Estt. (D) dated 2nd November, 2012 regarding comprehensive review of instructions pertaining to vigilance clearance for promotion


BSNL CO issued clarification regarding Calculation of monthly contribution towards cost of pension payable in respect of BSNL absorbed employees<<<Click for clarifications>>>

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