Tuesday, 26 March 2013


25-03-2013: Dear Comrades! Today we met our CGM, GM (Admin.) and PGM(Finance) and discussed about temporary transfer regularisation, Disciplinary proceedings and looking on case under new instructions of CO/New Delhi. Com.Muniasamy, CAO will be transferred to Madurai and Rajan Babu  to Madurai from VGR SSA. Some more transfers we want will also be effected shortly. Com.Ravi, ACS, Com.Sivakumar,CP attended the meeting with the CS. Com.Kesavan, AO/Trichy will be transferred to CBT and CAO "looking on" will be given to him as we promised. Com.Gopal prasad, will be given AO looking-on at Coonoor, Nilgiris.
Looking on arrangement in engineering wing: After the issue of new order cancelling the officiating arragement, we demand that this arrangement may be effectively utilised by the administration so that the vacancies in remote areas where there is no option for those higher posts to officiate  may be filled up by giving a chance to the available senior in a particular station.

Result on JAO Examination: It will be declared within two or three days. All the vacancies in our Circle will be filled up if sufficient hands will pass through the examination. We hope many of our comrades will pass this time. Our Advance Congratulations to all successful candidates and we welcome to our organisation AIBSNLEA to enroll them as the members and strengthen AIBSNLEA in our Circle. 

Time bound in Civil wing: Case was discussed with the GM (A). All the cases were cleared and order will be issued shortly. No other bottlenecks.

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  1. It is seen that Com. Radha has regain his energy pattern! Go ahead.